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February 24, 2021

Dear parents and caregivers,

Superior Therapy Services, Inc. had a recent meeting a few weeks ago to discuss the current company decisions regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  During the meeting, the staff continued to express concern about their ongoing exposure risk to COVID-19.  We acknowledge that there is a level of trust and responsibility that is required by both you and your child's therapist.  We have had several incidents during the past year that have caused us to pause and consider how we can continue to provide therapy services while continuing to reduce the risk of becoming ill or becoming carriers, causing you to become ill as well.

As a result, the staff opted to move all clients in the past to receive their therapy services via Telehealth, with the exception of a few children who have special medical circumstances in which Telehealth is not an option.  A few of our therapists have also worked from home for a few months as well to only provide services from the safety of their homes.  In addition, we are continuing to follow current CDC guidelines and monitor the state and national data on the virus.  Most of our staff has been through both rounds of their vaccinations for COVID-19 in order to add another layer of protection for our families served.  Having said that, all therapists will still be required to wear a mask when treating or escorting their patients in or out of the building.  Until the CDC states otherwise, all therapists and staff will continue to wear protective gear and masks in order to continuously provide safety to all our patients.  These guidelines will stay in place until further notice.  We will continue to update our families as our guidelines change.

For in-person therapy services, we are ONLY able to bring very young children (i.e.-one-and two-year olds) or children who have exceptional medical circumstances in which Telehealth is not an option into the clinic.


IN-PERSON Services:

If you are one of the families who has a child receiving in-person services, a reminder as to our guidelines: 

  1) ONLY people who are symptom-free (of ALL symptoms, even those suspected to be even allergy related) 

2) ONLY people who meet all of the CDC requirements (i.e.-not have traveled out of the country)

3) ONLY people who have not traveled to a recent "hot spot"

4) ONLY people who have NOT been exposed to a person with COVID-19 or is suspected to have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 are able to come to our clinic. 

    5) ANYONE escorting a child into the building, whether it be to use the bathroom or sit in on a therapy session will be required to receive a "touchless" temperature check and wear a mask upon entry.  We are unable to supply you with a mask-please be prepared by bringing your own.

6) ANYONE (child or family member) who has traveled on a trip, vacation, or recreationally out of the COUNTY (i.e.-vacationing out of state, traveled to a theme park or to the beach) will be required to receive ONLY Telehealth services for 14 days upon their return.   If the child or family member does not meet these requirements, we will offer Telehealth services.


Thank you for being part of our Superior Therapy family.  It is our intent to remain transparent, providing the latest information and updating you frequently.


We are priveledged to serve you and our community and look forward to seeing you soon.



Deborah and Jason Campbell,

Owners of Superior Therapy Services, Inc.  

Crystal River 352-795-7006 or Brooksville 352-796-0069 


Family-Centered Company that Provides Services to Children, Teens, and Adults.

Our staff consists of a diverse group of therapists with a passion for providing quality, individualized care.  Locally owned and operated, Superior Therapy Services, Inc. has been servicing children in the Citrus and Hernando county area for over 20 years. 


Our Mission:

Our company is founded on the principle that all individuals have the right to better communication in order to improve their quality of life.  We believe that all children can learn.

Our mission is to provide quality speech, language, swallowing, and literacy services to our clients in order to enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  The individualized care, highly-educated and experienced staff, as well as family-friendly environment are what put the "Superior" in our Therapy Services. 


We provide services for:

Articulation impairments, language disorders, reading deficits, cognitive impairments, attention deficits, swallowing/feeding disorders,            alternative/augmentativecommunication, developmental delays, oral-motor dysfunction, fluency and voice disorders. 


Therapy Services Available:

  • Speech:  Developmental Articulation Disorders, Dyspraxia, and Dysarthria
  • Expressive/Receptive Language:  Developmental Delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, Head Injury, Stroke/CVA, and Cerebral Palsy
  • Voice
  • Fluency/Stutterering
  • Speech/Lip Reading
  • Sensory Processing:  Auditory Processing and Hearing Impairment
  • Swallowing/Dysphagia and Feeding Aversion
  • Learning Disabilities:  Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disabled (SLD), Cognitive Deficit
  • Diagnostic Testing for Dyslexia:  The Only Certified Dyslexia Testing Specialist in Citrus and Hernando Counties  



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